Giant’s Causeway

Cathy was so obsessed with Led Zeppelin she flew to Belfast, then took a train to Giant’s Causeway just so she could lie down in the spot featured on the cover of Zeppelin’s album ‘Houses of the Holy’. We visit singer Robert Plant’s old home and I consider his fascination with the word ‘baby’ and Lord of the Rings.


A misguided attempt to record on site, an ‘outside broadcast’ which degenerates into a pub crawl. I’m joined by Caerleon resident Will O’Connell, a man whose knowledge of Caerleon you could inscribe on the little toe of the tiny toed ant. Most of this podcast takes place in the Roman fortress town in south Wales. It’s a fascinating place, but we spent most of our time in the pub. You’ll learn nothing.


Goat’s Hole Cave, Paviland, on the Gower peninsular, south Wales, is the site of a prehistoric ceremonial burial, one of the oldest in Europe and earliest evidence of modern humans on these islands. There are many such caves nearby, eerie, ancient dwelling places, described by the painter Ceri Richards as ‘black apples of Gower’.